Providing Blood Samples to Researchers Across the Nation


Our Samples

Our inventory includes four million newborn dried blood samples

representing nearly every Michigan birth since mid-1984.




Our Data

In addition to demographic data and test results our samples can be linked to Michigan’s public health registries making it possible to request specimens that are associated with a known health outcome.


Your Resource

Over 160 biomarkers and compounds have been measured in dried blood spots, from DNA and proteins to metals and infectious agents.  They are an excellent source of specimens for both epidemiological investigations and studies of how genes interact with the environment, as well as for assay development.




Your Research

Researchers have used our samples for studies that look at:




Methylation patterns in cases of autism, ADHD, and CHD.



Health outcomes and the reversibility of lead exposure.



Health outcomes in babies conceived by IVF.


Assay development or improvement for DF, SMA and MD.



The effect on hearing of pre-natal exposure to heavy metals.



The influence of the epigenetic processes on the prediction of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders.



Exposures to mercury, lead and tobacco.



And more…



Bulletin Board

  • The next meeting of the Community Values Advisory Board  scheduled for June 1, 2015.

  • Michigan Neonatal Biobank has in excess of 2 million dry blood spot cards in inventory.

  • We thank the Carls Foundation for grants awarded to the Michigan Neonatal Biobank over the past three years.  Their generosity supported the expansion of the Biobank inventory.  

  • Nine Biobank Assistants have been accepted to Medical School during the past three years and six others are preparing for careers in medical related fields.

  • The Michigan Neonatal Biobank is a member of ISBER.

  • Seven research studies are currently using dried blood spots provided by the Michigan Neonatal Biobank. The studies center on some of the most intractable health issues for children: congenital heart defects, autism, cerebral palsy, spinal muscular atrophy and sudden infant death syndrome.

  • The Michigan BioTrust for Health is the Michigan Department of Community Health’s initiative to make leftover newborn screening samples more useful and available for approved medical or public health research.

  • We acknowledge and thank the Van Andel Institute for providing its VADR software in support of the Michigan Neonatal Biobank.  

  • Nancy Christ, Director of MNBB since it was established in 2007 retired on 2/11/2015.  We welcome the new Director, Gayle Kusch.

?Visit us in both 1244 at the APHA Boston conference November 3 – 6.

Name: APHA Boston

Title: APHA Boston

Date: 10-28-13


♦Visit us in both 1244 at the APHA Boston conference November 3 – 6.

Name: Van Andel

Title: Van Andel

Date: August 6, 2014


We acknowledge and thank the Van Andel Institute for providing its VADR software in support of the Michigan Neonatal Biobank.  

Biobank Images

2,000,000 blood spots 5

Funding Opportunities

  • PA13-216, PA13-217, PA13-218 Research on Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • PAR-12-218 Juvenile Protective Factors and Their Effects on Aging

  • PA-12-184, PA-12-185 Role of Environmental Chemical Exposures in the Development of Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome

  • PAR-13-109 Mechanistic Insights from Birth Cohorts (R01)

  • PA-12-037 (R01) AND PA-12-038 (R21) Research to Advance Vaccine Safety

  • PA 13-359, PA 13-360, PA 13-361 Nutrition and Alcohol-Related Health Outcomes

  • PAR-14-202 and PAR-14-203 Environmental contributors to Autism Spectrum disorders

  • NOT-ES-15-009 Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource: Exposure Data Repository and Resource for Statistical Analysis and Methods Development (U2C)

  • NOT-ES-15-010 Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource: Coordinating Center (U24)

  • NOT-ES-15-007 Children's Health Exposure Analysis Resource: National Exposure Assessment Laboratory Network (U2C)

fox2 allen nancy interview
FOX 2 Al Allen interview with Nancy Christ

Mike Brennan, Editor and Publisher interviews Michigan Neonatal Biobank Director Nancy Christ